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John S. Groundland, MD

John S. Groundland, MD

Pediatric Orthopaedic Surgery

John Groundland, MD MS is a surgeon in the Musculoskeletal Surgical Oncology Clinic within the Sarcoma Center at the University of Utah. He sees patients at the Huntsman Cancer Institute and the Primary Children's Hospital. He completed fellowship training in Sarcoma Surgery as the Sarcoma Advanced Research and Clinical Fellow at the University of Utah. He competed medical school and residency in Orthopaedic Surgery at the University of South Florida. His undergraduate and graduate degrees are from University of Delaware and Duke University, repectively.

Research Statement

John Groundland, MD MS is a surgeon in the Musculoskeletal Surgical Oncology Clinic within the Sarcoma Center at the University of Utah. His research interests include: investigation of the clinical outcomes of bony sarcoma resections and the outcomes of soft tissue sarcoma resections in the extremities.

Board Certification and Academic Information

Academic Departments Orthopaedics - Assistant Professor

Board Certification American Board of Orthopaedic Surgery

Education History

Fellowship University of Utah
Sarcoma Surgery

Residency University of South Florida
Orthopedic Surgery

Professional Medical University of South Florida

Graduate Training Duke University
Physical Therapy

Undergraduate University Of Delaware
Biological Sciences

Selected Publications - Journal Articles

Journal Article

  1. Henderson ER, Keeney BJ, Husson EG, Bernthal NM, Ji T, Pala E, Funovics PT, Groundland JS, Lozano-Calderon S, Puchner S, Zoller SD, Ruggieri P, Windhager R, Guo W, Hornicek FJ, Letson GD, Temple HT (2020). Nonmechanical Revision Indications Portend Repeat Limb-Salvage Failure Following Total Femoral Replacement. J Bone Joint Surg Am, 102(17), 1511-1520.
  2. Sawyer J, Van Boerum MS, Groundland J, Lorimer S, Agarwal J (2020). Free tibia and fibula-fillet-of-leg flap for pelvic ring reconstruction: A case report. Microsurgery, 40(4), 492-496.
  3. Henderson ER, Keeney BJ, Pala E, Funovics PT, Eward WC, Groundland JS, Ehrlichman LK, Puchner SS, Brigman BE, Ready JE, Temple HT, Ruggieri P, Windhager R, Letson GD, Hornicek FJ (2017). The stability of the hip after the use of a proximal femoral endoprosthesis for oncological indications: analysis of variables relating to the patient and the surgical technique. Bone Joint J, 99-B(4), 531-537.
  4. Au B, Groundland J, Stoops TK, Santoni BG, Sagi HC (2017). Comparison of 3 Methods for Maintaining Inter-Fragmentary Compression After Fracture Reduction and Fixation. J Orthop Trauma, 31(4), 210-213.
  5. Groundland JS, Ambler SB, Houskamp LD, Orriola JJ, Binitie OT, Letson GD (2016). Surgical and Functional Outcomes After Limb-Preservation Surgery for Tumor in Pediatric Patients: A Systematic Review.LID - 10.2106/JBJS.RVW.O.00013 [doi]LID - 01874474-201602000-00002 [pii]. JBJS Rev, 4(2).
  6. Henderson ER, Gao J, Groundland J, Binitie O, Letson GD (2015). Expandable Total Humeral Replacement in a Child with Osteosarcoma. Case Rep Orthop, 2015, 690159.
  7. Palumbo BT, Henderson ER, Groundland JS, Cheong D, Pala E, Letson GD, Ruggieri P (2011). Advances in segmental endoprosthetic reconstruction for extremity tumors: a review of contemporary designs and techniques. Cancer Control, 18(3), 160-70.
  8. Henderson ER, Groundland JS, Pala E, Dennis JA, Wooten R, Cheong D, Windhager R, Kotz RI, Mercuri M, Funovics PT, Hornicek FJ, Temple HT, Ruggieri P, Letson GD (2011). Failure mode classification for tumor endoprostheses: retrospective review of five institutions and a literature review. J Bone Joint Surg Am, 93(5), 418-29.
  9. Henderson ER, Jennings JM, Marulanda GA, Groundland JS, Cheong D, Letson GD (2011). Enhancing soft tissue ingrowth in proximal femoral arthroplasty with aortograft sleeve: a novel technique and early results. J Arthroplasty, 26(1), 161-3.
  10. Groundland JS, Letson GD, Binitie O (Accepted March 2017). Current Trends in Limb Salvage Surgery for Pediatric Patients with Sarcoma. Cancer Control.


  1. Groundland JS, Binitie O (2016). Reconstruction After Tumor Resection in the Growing Child. [Review]. Orthop Clin North Am, 47(1), 265-81.

Book Chapter

  1. Groundland JS, Randall RL (Accepted Nov 2016). Extraskeletal Ewing Sarcoma. In Complex General Surgical Oncology.
  2. Groundland JS, Randall RL (Accepted Nov 2016). Rhabdomyosarcoma. In Complex General Surgical Oncology.
  3. Groundland JS, Popp L, Randall RL (Invited Publication In Process of Submission). Bone Tumors. In Pediatric Surgical Oncology.
  4. Henderson ER, Groundland JS (Invited Publication In Process of Submission). Bone Tumors. In Primary Care (6th Edition).

Case Report

  1. Mortensen AJ, Groundland JS, Tomasevich KM, Hobson TE, Randall RL, Aoki SK (2021). Ischial osteoid osteoma: A cause of persistent hip pain in an adolescent patient with bilateral femoroacetabular impingement. Radiology Case Reports, 16(5), 1037-1041.


  1. Williams JR, Goldin SB, Di Gennero JP, Brannick MT, Paidas C, Shames M, Singh R, Downes K, Lomas H, Heithaus E, Molloy D, Donohue D, Groundland J (2010). Surgical Novice Response to Laparoscopic Surgery Training on Simulators Before and After Training [Abstract]. Journal of Surgical Research, 158(2), 251.

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