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Douglas T. Hutchinson, MD

Douglas T. Hutchinson, MD

Orthopaedic Surgery

Dr. Doug Hutchinson, Professor in the Department of Orthopaedics, specializes in hand and microvascular surgery. Dr. Hutchinson currently serves as chief of the Hand Surgery at the University of Utah and chief of Hand Surgery at Primary Children's Hospital, the Veterans Affairs Medical Center, and Shriners Children's Salt Lake City. He also holds an adjunct appointment in the Departments of Bioengineering and Physical Therapy. Dr. Hutchinson is a founding member of the international pediatric hand study group. Dr. Hutchinson's clinical interests include pediatric and congenital hand surgery, surgery of the wrist and elbow. Dr Hutchinson has practice locations at the University Orthopaedic Center, University of Utah, Primary Children's Hospital, Shriners Children's Salt Lake City, Salt Lake Veteran's Hospital and also travels monthly to St George, Utah for clinic. He trained at Jefferson Medical College in Philadelphia, completed residency at Thomas Jefferson University Hospital in Philadelphia and fellowship at the Raymond M. Curtis National Hand Center in Baltimore.

Board Certification and Academic Information

Academic Departments Orthopaedics - Professor
Bioengineering - Adjunct Associate Professor
Pediatrics - Adjunct Professor
Physical Therapy and Athletic Training - Adjunct Associate Professor

Academic Divisions Pediatric Administration

Board Certification American Board of Orthopaedic Surgery
American Board of Orthopaedic Surgery (Sub: Hand Surgery)


  • Radius Fractures
  • Carpal Tunnel Syndrome
  • Neuroprosthetics
  • Pediatric/Congenital Hand
  • Congenital Trigger Thumb
  • Syndactyly

Education History

Fellowship Union Memorial Hospital
Hand & Upper Extremity/Microvascular

Residency Thomas Jefferson University Hospital
Orthopaedic Surgery

Internship Medical Center of Delaware
General Surgery

Professional Medical Jefferson Medical College

Undergraduate University of Michigan

Selected Publications - Journal Articles

Journal Article

  1. Viskochil D, Muenzer J, Guffon N, Garin C, Munoz-Rojas MV, Moy KA, Hutchinson DT (2017). Carpal tunnel syndrome in mucopolysaccharidosis I: a registry-based cohort study.LID - 10.1111/dmcn.13545 [doi]. (Epub ahead of print) Dev Med Child Neurol.
  2. Kagan ZB, Wendelken S, Page DM, Davis T, Hutchinson DT, Clark GA, Warren DJ (2016). Linear methods for reducing EMG contamination in peripheral nerve motor decodes. Conf Proc IEEE Eng Med Biol Soc, 2016, 3422-3425.
  3. Bruinsma WE, Guitton T, Ring D, Science of Variation Group (July 2014). Radiographic loss of contact between radial head fracture fragments is moderately reliable. PMID: 24711128 Free PMC Article. Clin Orthop Relat Res, 7(July), 2113-9.
  4. Davis TS, Wark HA, Hutchinson DT, Warren DJ, ONeill K, Scheinblum T, Clark GA, Normann RA, Greger B (2016). Restoring motor control and sensory feedback in people with upper extremity amputations using arrays of 96 microelectrodes implanted in the median and ulnar nerves. J Neural Eng, 13(3), 036001.
  5. Christensen MB, Wark HA, Hutchinson DT (2016). A histological analysis of human median and ulnar nerves following implantation of Utah slanted electrode arrays. Biomaterials, 77, 235-42.
  6. Wang AA, Hutchinson DT (2015). Results of Treatment of Delta Triphalangeal Thumbs by Excision of the Extra Phalanx. J Pediatr Orthop, 35(5), 474-7.
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  13. Horch K, Meek S, Taylor TG, Hutchinson DT (2011). Object discrimination with an artificial hand using electrical stimulation of peripheral tactile and proprioceptive pathways with intrafascicular electrodes. IEEE Trans Neural Syst Rehabil Eng, 19(5), 483-9.
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  15. Baker JJ, Scheme E, Englehart K, Hutchinson DT, Greger B (2010). Continuous detection and decoding of dexterous finger flexions with implantable myoelectric sensors. IEEE Trans Neural Syst Rehabil Eng, 18(4), 424-32.


  1. Makarewich CA, Hutchinson DT (2016). Tendon Transfers for Combined Peripheral Nerve Injuries. [Review]. Hand Clin, 32(3), 377-87.
  2. Hutchinson DT, Sullivan R (2015). Rubinstein-Taybi Syndrome. [Review]. J Hand Surg [Am], 40(8), 1711-2.
  3. Hutchinson DT (2014). The quest for the bionic arm. [Review]. J Am Acad Orthop Surg, 22(6), 346-51.

Book Chapter

  1. Hutchinson DT, Tyser AR (2015). Osteomyelitis and Septic Arthritis. In Abzug, JM, Kozin SH, Zlotolow, DA (Eds.), The Pediatric Upper Extremity (1, 3, pp. 1331-1350). Philadelphia PA: Springer.
  2. Douglas T Hutchinson (2014). The Natural Course of Traumatic Triangular FibrocartilageComplex Tears in Distal Radial Fractures: A 13–15 Year Follow-upof Arthroscopically Diagnosed but Untreated Injuries. In Michael R. Hausman, MD (Eds.), "An Expert Crtitque of 2011 & 2012's Most Popular Articles" (pp. 323-334). Chicago, IL,: American Society for Surgery of the Hand.
  3. Gaffney D, Hutchinson DT (1/1/2012). Fractures and Dislocations: Hand and Wrist. In ASSH Hand Surgery Textbook (Chapter 59).

Conference Proceedings

  1. Zhang Y, Nieveen J, Wendelken S, Page D, Davis T, Bo APL, Hutchinson DT, Clark GA, Warren DJ, Zhang C, Mathews VJ (2017). Individual hand movement detection and classification using peripheral nerve sign. 2017 8th International IEEE/EMBS Conference on Neural Engineering (NER), IEEE, 448-51.

Book Review

  1. Hutchinson DT, Judkins T (1/1/2012). "Book Review: Arthritis of the Hand and Upper Extremity". [Review of the book ]. Journal of Hand Surgery.

Case Report

  1. Makarewich C, Lang P, Hutchinson DT (2017). Digital Ischemia After Application of Self-Adherent Elastic Wrap Dressing; A Case Series. Pediatrics.


  1. Clark GA, Page DM, Kluger DT, Wendleken SM, Davis TS, Duncan C, Hutchinson DT (10/1/2016). Microstimulation of residual nerve fibers with Utah Slanted Electrode Arrays can restore biologically realistic cutaneous and proprioceptive percepts after hand amputation. Published online [Abstract]. Society for Neuroscience, (10/2016).


  1. The University of Utah Research Foundation. Inventors: Kluger DT, Clark GA, Hutchinson DT, Page DM, Wendelken SM (2018). A Medical Device Implant for Fragile Medical Implants. U.S. Patent No. Application Number: WO2018023026A1. Washington, D.C.:U.S. Patent and Trademark Office.

Global Impact

Awards & Honors

Endowed Chair Recognition (Hofmann Global Heath)        - Bolivia

Clinical Trials

Pyrocarbon PIP Arthroplasty

It is my intention, after your approval to use the Ascension PIP joint in patients with indications consistent with the FDA approved Indications. As part of the requirements of an HDE approval, reports will be made immediately to the IRB in the event of serious complications and adverse events, and a yearly report will be provided to the IRB outlining number of patients treated and any adverse events. In summary, candidates for surgery will be chosen by Dr. Hutchinson. These candidates will likely present to clinic with arthritis of the PIP joint. Options will be discussed and should this surgical option be chosen, measures will be taken to provide the patient with PIP arthroplasty utilizing the Ascension PIP pyrocarbon implant (surgical technique is attached).

Micro-Electrodes Implanted in a Human Nerve

We will investigate basic physiology of human peripheral nerves and muscle leads using high-count microelectrode arrays implanted into peripheral nerves and muscle of patients with limb amputations or peripheral nerve injury.

Videos & News

News Articles

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The Scope & Other Podcasts

Wrist Pain is Not a Symptom of Carpal Tunnel Syndrome

A lot of people may associate wrist pain with carpal tunnel syndrome—but it's not actually one of the primary symptoms. On today's Health Minute, Dr. Douglas Hutchinson explains the signs and causes of carpal tunnel.

Treating Carpal Tunnel Without Surgery

For people suffering from carpal tunnel, it may seem like surgery is the only option available. However, there is a non-invasive option that has been shown to be effective. On today's Health Minute, Dr. Douglas Hutchinson discusses how splinting can be used to treat the symptoms of carpal tunnel.

Do I Have Carpal Tunnel Syndrome?

Many people improperly self-diagnose wrist pain as carpal tunnel syndrome, according to Dr. Douglas Hutchinson. In this podcast, Dr. Tom Miller asks this hand and wrist specialist to explain the condition and its symptoms, describe who is likely to get it, and clear up some common misconceptions. To learn more about carpal tunnel treatments, listen to this episode of “The Specalists”.

Surgery Can Relieve the Pain of Some Types of Hand Arthritis

Most people with hand arthritis just live with it. However, there are two types of surgery that can effectively eliminate arthritis pain and improve your quality of life. Dr. Tom Miller talks to orthopedic surgeon and hand expert Dr. Douglas Hutchinson about these operations and what conservative methods you might want to consider for hand arthritis.

Finger and Wrist Injuries

Carpal Tunnel Treatment Options

Your primary care physician referred you to a carpal tunnel specialist for treatment. On today’s show, Dr. Tom Miller asks Dr. Douglas Hutchinson, a specialist in hand surgery, what to expect at that appointment. He discusses the diagnosis he’ll use and what non-surgical and surgical treatment is available if you have the condition. He also tells you what to expect if you choose surgery—what the procedure is like, recovery time and its success rate.

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