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Aaron J. Provance

Aaron J. Provance, MD

Pediatric Sports Medicine

Dr. Provance specializes in pediatric sports medicine. He completed his pediatric residency at West Virginia University and his pediatric sports medicine fellowship at the University of Colorado. Prior to joining the University of Utah, he served as the medical director of the Sports Medicine Center at Children’s Hospital Colorado for 12 years where he built one of the nation’s leading pediatric sports medicine programs. He now serves as the pediatric sports medicine director within the Department of Orthopaedics at the University of Utah. He is a member of the American Medical Society for Sports Medicine, the Pediatric Research in Sports Medicine Society, and the American Academy of Pediatrics Council on Sports Medicine and Fitness. His practice includes management of all pediatric and adolescent sports injuries/fractures. He has a special interest in adventure and extreme sports injuries including mountain biking, rock climbing and skiing/snowboarding injuries.

Board Certification and Academic Information

Academic Departments Orthopaedics - Professor (Clinical)
Pediatrics - Adjunct Professor

Academic Divisions Pediatric Emergency Medicine

Board Certification American Board of Pediatrics (Pediatrics)
American Board of Pediatrics (Sub: Sports Medicine) (ABP)

Education History

Fellowship University of Colorado School of Medicine/Children’s Hospital Colorado
Pediatric Sports Medicine
Fellow, 2007

Residency West Virginia University Hospitals
Resident, 2006

Professional Medical West Virginia University School of Medicine
M.D., 2003

Undergraduate West Virginia University
B.A., 1999

Selected Publications - Journal Articles

Journal Article

  1. Howell DR, Potter MN, Provance AJ, Wilson PE, Kirkwood MW, Wilson JC (2019). Sleep Problems and Melatonin Prescription After Concussion Among Youth Athletes. Clin J Sport Med31(6), 475-480.
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  3. Sweeney EA, Howell DR, Potter MN, Gagliardi AG, Albright JC, Provance AJ (2020). Comparison of pediatric sports fracture outcomes based on provider type. Phys Sportsmed49(1), 31-36.
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  22. Provance AJ, Engelman GH, Carry PM (2012). Implications of parental influence on child/adolescent helmet use in snow sports. Clin J Sport Med22(3), 240-3.


  1. Sweeney EA, Howell DR, James DA, Potter MN, Provance AJ (2018). Returning to Sport After Gymnastics Injuries. [Review]. Curr Sports Med Rep17(11), 376-390.
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Case Report

  1. Novais EN, Riederer MF, Provance AJ (2017). Anterior Inferior Iliac Spine Deformity as a Cause for Extra-articular Hip Impingement in Young Athletes After an Avulsion Fracture: A Case Report. Sports Health10(3), 272-276.
  2. Khodaee M, Volkmer B, Provance A (2016). Distal Clavicular Torus Fracture in a 15-Year-Old Snowboarder. J Pediatr180, 288-288.e1.
  3. Provance AJ, Polousky JD (2010). Isolated avulsion fracture of the subscapularis tendon with medial dislocation and tear of biceps tendon in a skeletally immature athlete: a case report. Curr Opin Pediatr22(3), 366-8.
  4. Provance A (2006). Chronic cough. Clin Pediatr (Phila)45(9), 871.

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